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TileEd is a 3D tile map editor/ placement tool. It helps speed up painting of game worlds when working with tiles or modular pieces that needs to align to a grid.

  • While TileEd’s simple tiles and prop tools can be use with most tile and modular art packs there are also a growing list of art packs which supports the TileEd auto-tiles system. You can see a list of such packs on this page.
  • A custom palette which can dock in or outside the scene view for quick access to the tile and prop sets.
  • Auto Tiles speed up painting of terrain and interiors like caves, dungeons, and basements by auto placement of walls, corners and transitions. The auto-tiles supports various auto-tile systems which makes it easy to sculpt a world in your choice of style.
  • Prop placement tool to ease placement and aligning none-tile objects to the tile grid.
  • Tile Layers makes it easier to group tiles and props.
  • Support saving selected tiles to and using templates.
  • Uses custom asset files to keep unnecessary data out of your scene files.

Tile and Modular art