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plyGame is a visual game development tool for the Unity game engine. It allows developers to create games and prototypes without having to do any programming while still allowing for scripts where you want to interact with the system’s API.

This core package includes plyBlox Visual Scripting, DiaQ Dialogue and Quest editor, and RPG game systems.

plyGame has been designed with ease of use in mind and provides the components and editors you need to create hack and slash type RPG games. At its core a Visual Scripting tool is provided to add behaviour to objects and respond to triggered events.

An API exposes features that advanced developers can use to extend and add to plyGame. Source code is included for plyGame, DiaQ.2 and plyRPG runtime and editors.

Supported build targets

  • Stand-alone builds for Windows, Linux and OSX

Other builds

  • Can build on iOS and Android (not officially supported) but the included RPG controllers are not made for touch control
  • Any other platform not supported and no plans to add support

For plugins and other additions to plyGame, visit the plyGame plugins forum.