MapNav 2

MapNav 2 will help you get started with a game where you need a tile or node based grid. This is useful for strategy games and board games.

It has various functions you will need when working with a grid map in these types of games; like getting the neighbouring tiles, or finding a path from one tile to another.

See PDF Documentation to learn more about the features available in the kit and its API.

  • Full source code (C#)
  • Easily create and use custom node/ tile class for properties specific to your game
  • All node/ tile data stored in one dimensional array with functions to work with the row and column position of a tile or directly with the tile index into array
  • Inspector tools to help with creating and laying out the grid
  • Flat-top and Pointy-top Hexagon nodes/ tile layout supported
  • Axial and Square (even/ odd-offset) Hexagon node grid supported
  • Square nodes/ tiles with 4 or 8-neighbour option
  • A* algorithm used to calculate a path
  • Various functions needed to work with a grid of nodes, see documentation for more info on what is available in the API