Blox Themes

The Blox editor supports themes. This allows your to choose from different colour schemes for the Blocks or even create your own.

The themes can be selected in the Blox Settings window; menu: Blox > Settings.

There are themes included from Blox 1 and 2 colours and the new Blox 3 theme. You might also see custom themes if you installed any.

Custom themes must be installed to \Assets\plyoung\Blox\editor\themes\. The sub-folder name will serve as the Theme’s name. For example Assets\plyoung\Blox\editor\themes\NewTheme would result in a new theme called “NewTheme” being available in the settings window.

The easiest way to get started with your own theme would be to installed the package \Assets\plyoung\Blox\packages\sample_theme.unitypackage and then edit the textures included. This package include the textures from the Default Theme. Also take note of the text_colour.txt file which you will use to specify what colour the text of Blocks should be.