This page will document the various components that are available. While there are many components in Blox only those that do not fall under a specific system will be listed here. The other components are covered in their respective systems.

You can find these components under menu: Component > Blox > Helpers

Disable on Awake

Component > Blox > Helpers > Disable on Awake

The GameObject that this component is on will be disabled as soon as the GameObject is added to the scene and then this component will remove itself from the GameObject.

Don’t Destroy On Load

Component > Blox > Helpers > Don't Destroy On Load

This component will mark the GameObject as DontDestroyOnLoad and then remove itself from the GameObject.

When loading a new level (non-additively) all objects in the scene are destroyed, then the objects in the new level are loaded. In order to preserve an object during level loading it needs to be marked as DontDestroyOnLoad. If the object is a component or game object then its entire transform hierarchy will not be destroyed either. Unity function Object.DontDestroyOnLoad

Simple Follower

Component > Blox > Helpers > Simple Follower

Follows the target object.

Sound Volume Updater

Component > Blox > Helpers > Sound Volume Updater

Add this component to any GameObject that has an AudioSource component on it to have it take care of the volume adjustment of that AudioSource.

Trigger Blox Event on Click

Component > Blox > Helpers > Trigger Blox Event on Click

Triggers a Blox Event when Button is clicked. This components allows you to set values which will be send to send the triggered event similar to how the Trigger Event Block works.

The sent values will be available in the triggered Event as Event variables named param0, param1, param2, etc.